About Ministries of Grace  

Ministries of Grace was established by God to spread the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ who alone has the power and authority to set people free, to heal sickness and disease and to restore broken hearts.

Nicole Rippin has been called and empowered by God to serve as a teacher. While the emphasis of her ministry and preaching of the Gospel, the vision of the foundation of Ministries of Grace is much more comprehensive.

This ministry is a ministry of Love. Love is demonstrated not only through words but through action. We are very exited to see how God will bring this vision to life and delight in dreaming with Him. Dream with us! God bless you. 

Statute of the foundation

                                                   Dr. Nicole Rippin



                                                              Christian Vita                                                       

                                                            Professional Vita


                                              Dipl.-Ing. Markus Rippin

                                                          trustee of foundation 

        Founder of Ministries of Grace and member of the pentecostal church 

       Centrum Lebendiges Wort, Bonn Bad-Godesberg